Norse Mythology [1/4] The Nine Worlds

In Norse mythology there were nine worlds, which were broken into three levels. These were all part of Yggdrasil, the world tree.

On top you would find Asgard, Vanaheim and Alfheim. These were respectively the homes of the Aesir, the Vanir and the Light Elves.

In the middle you would find Midgard, also called middle earth. Midgard was connected to Asgard by bifrost, the Rainbow bridge. Underneath Midgard was Jotunheim, which was the home of the Giants. You would also find Svartalfheim (also called Nidavellir) in the middle worlds, this was the home of the dwarves.

The third level was for the underworlds, these were Helheim, Nilfheim and Muspelheim. Though sometimes it is said Helheim is Nilfheim, or lies within this world.

Midgard represents balance, but the other worlds all have an opposite world. These can be put as follows:

  • Muspelheim and Nilfheim (Fire/Warmth and Ice/Cold)
  • Asgrad and Helheim (Paradise and Hell/Doom)
  • Vanaheim and Jotunheim (Creation/Order and Destruction/Chaos)
  • Alfheim and Svartalfheim (Light and Dark)